The US is currently the target of a "Palace Coup".


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The American People are in a unique position to now return centuries of abuse by "foreclosing" and seizing the "Assets" these banking Filth "own". They used our well-being to create their poison; they used "our" "Money" to commit FRAUD. MORONS WILL DEFEND THEIR CRIMINAL NONSENSE. It is past time these Filth were launched into prison-for forever.


European Criminals and their Puppets are attacking the US

The intentionally mislabeled Central Banking Cartel is attempting to destroy American Sovereignty

Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) – an English-Chinese hybrid, launders terror and drug money for “sanctioned entities” of the United States... in a word, “Counterfeiting”.


One counterfeiting mechanism is “Nomura Asset Acceptance Corporation Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2005-AR3”. It is a mechanism designed to forge titles to American real estate. The criminals call it a "Trust".

There is no such “Trust”. It has never existed anywhere on this planet as anything other than a Fairy Tale; wholly-manufactured in yarn of criminal cloth. The needle working this yarn, points to HSBC as the “Trustee”- merely one among thousands of Fairy ConMothers spinning on the corrupted loom in the magical kingdom of banking fraud.



As Slappingtons moves forward, at least two bogus "Trust" mechanisms will be exposed and dissected through domains linked to this original site.

Another name for a “Trust” is a “Security”. As outlined in the Constitution, “counterfeiting the securities and current quoin of the United States” is supposed to be illegal. Instead, the DC Mob, led by the Holder DOJ, has allowed foreign criminals to interfere with American “Law Enforcement”.

In "the Original Lie", below, paper "COIN", alternately spelled, "QUOIN", is shown as the counterfeiters' original target. While paper currency was once the "Cornerstone" of American Property, nowadays the criminal banking Filth simply rob the cornerstone, the entire building attached to it and the papers proving "ownership", through forgery.

The “Original Coup” against the United States is ongoing. At present, the Obama “Palace Guard”, actual servants of the English-Swiss Banking Cartel, is directing their efforts against the sitting President of the United States. The names and faces once thought to represent the genuine portraiture of American Law Enforcement are instead, better-described a caricature in criminality.

Frankly, the Puppet Masters in DC Corruption are Swiss and English Bankers and their Malevolence toward American Independence is now in plain view- as naked in corruption as these would-be emperors themselves.

Ultimately, it will be proven the treachery of choice these criminal Filth – domestic and foreign- have employed, exists in broken “trusts”; American Law Enforcement in Treason to foreign kings with American and Foreign Bankers assembling Tax Evasion and Fraud... all the  while claiming “ownership” of “Mortgage Pools", aka "SECURITIZATIONS", THAT NEVER BELONGED TO THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. To gain insight, watch this lead-in as an introduction to the video below it:


The Culprits, American “Law Enforcement?” and their European handlers are found in this video link: What is less obvious are four Treasonous indictments that were derailed by these behaviors in December 2012.


They include violations of:

Trading with the Enemies Act

Bank Secrecy’s Act

Anti-Money Laundering Acts

International Emergency Economic Powers Act


Judge Gleeson’s analysis is below. The violations and intended corrections are now under the supervision of Judge Anne Donnelly (9th District), with the Manhattan Ethic’s Regulator, Michael Cherkasky, as monitor. The Moore Family of Philadelphia first exposed the “Deferred Prosecution Agreement – DPA”:


Federal Judge Gleeson wrote the following analysis. You may read the court document here: 

Case 1:12-cr-00763-JG Document 23 Filed 07/01/13


James Comey first fashioned [1] and began concealing criminal counterfeiting of terror and drug money in 2005, as an Assistant Attorney General, for George W. Bush [2]. Since 2005 and any number of failures to hold criminals to account for laundering Terror and drug money, the chart found in the following link explains 2,741 American Coalition Soldiers have been murdered, by IEDS and EFPs, in Afghanistan, alone:


Filter Deaths By Year

View Fatality Details

If you were to abbreviate the word “Murders”, you could call it the “MERS”

The common denominator to Poisoned Children, Murdered American and Coalition Forces and Mortgage Fraud is found in the behavior of Eric Schneiderman, Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer and the “Mortgage Electronic Registration System” – the “MERS”. To gain a better understanding the MERS is a criminal mechanism of Fraud, Professor Christopher L. Peterson has explained:

To avoid the hassle and expense of paying county recording fees, these mortgage bankers formed a plan to create a single shell company that would pretend to own all the mortgages in the country (“Two Faces..." p. 116)

Professor Peterson is an SJ Quinney Law Professor, formerly of the CFPB as lead counsel for enforcement. The quote, above, taken from his seminal treatment of the MERS [3], actually uses the word “pretend”. Pretending to “own” something that never belonged to you is also called “Counterfeiting”.

The MERS is an electronic tracking system that has allowed an elite, criminal class to “dematerialize” and “rehypothecate”* land titles to real estate. This criminal sleight of hand has cost American Communities Billions in stolen revenue (the revenue goes missing when criminal imposters use forgery to counterfeit “ownership”. These fraudulent “transfers” of mortgage “ownership”, called “assignments”, take place in a private electronic boutique that does not pay to record in the public system; hence Billions in revenue shortfalls). 

In Flint, Michigan, children have been poisoned to death, while revenue denied their community has been collected in the preliminary Obama-Holder-BIS-FSB, “soft coup”. At present, those missing funds are enriching foreign and domestic criminal interests, through tax evasion, forgery, counterfeiting, property and pension theft.

The MERS lists a PO Box in Flint, Michigan. It seems a foregone conclusion their corporate presence has contributed to the lack of financial resources, although a proper accounting of the revenue lost to the MERS has yet to expose the true culprits [4].


The local courthouses are forging counterfeit title

The example from the first paragraph above, explains the MERS is used to fabricate HSBC- a proven terror and drug laundry, as “Trustee”. The “Trust” is make-believe. The amount criminals have successfully claimed to control thus far, in this one example, is some $250 Million and this is just one “Sleeping Beauty”; there are thousands more.

In another example Slappingtons is cognizant of, there is some $170 Million gone missing and possibly as much as 8.5 Billion. Ultimately, the French Corporation employed as an alias for Bank of America joins with Morgan Stanley and together they all commit tax fraud, SEC fraud, pension fraud and insider trading... at least.

In each instance, the MERS has forged counterfeit title, now – believe it, or not- “certified” as legitimate in the local courthouse records… “Theft-By-Deception, Forgery and Counterfeiting”.

In the example, above, the title forged for HSBC- a financial terrorist- is actually charged on the credit card of an Egyptian terrorist… James Comey, an executive of HSBC and his FBI couldn’t care less…

The title forged for French Incorporation, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley was counterfeit while the victims can prove they were paying the “mortgage”. The Bank of America management agrees as evidenced by their letterheads. 

The “Wrongful Foreclosures” in the above examples, were concocted in local RICO Conspiracy to conceal local judges, sheriffs, clerks and Middle Eastern terrorists in collusion to embezzle insurance on a burned house…

What is left of James Comey’s FBI still couldn’t care less.

There are 3142 separate but similar Counties across the United States. Each County relies upon property titles to recognize land boundaries in what could be described: a patchwork quilt of property “ownership”. A simple way to understand why County maps must describe physical boundaries is found in the game, “Battleship”. In that particular game, a grid is established in order to define whether the naval battle- depicted on a plastic board, will score a white peg- a “miss”, or a red peg- a “hit”.

The murderous result of outlaw banking in Flint, Michigan has targeted the municipal water supply and criminal Greed is best described as a “hit” among Criminal Bankers, their DC puppets and the Obama-era DOJ.

Eric Holder’s Law Firm, “Covington-Burling”, created the “MERS”. Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer are back working for Covington-Burling [5] after eight Obama years spent protecting their true employers: criminal bankers- there are zero indictments.

Lanny Breuer was Eric Holder’s head of his criminal division. The fact not a single banker was held accountable is exposed by “Frontline” in the “Untouchables”[6].  The following link, “Frontline gets its man” [7] demonstrates Lanny Breuer resigned the day after Frontline exposed him and aired this segment. 

Eric Holder’s thesis of “Too Big To Fail”, particularly as it relates to HSBC; His wife's girlfriend, Loretta Lynch; the Deferred Prosecution Agreement, listed above; and an inability to prosecute, has also subsequently proven a falsehood:

Twelve American Prosecutors are in collusion. As a best example, Jennifer Shasky once led the drive to prosecute HSBC. She now works for HSBC [8].

Eric Schneiderman no longer exists as a threat to exposing phony trust mechanisms

Eric Schneiderman sold himself and 50 state AGs on the cheap as regards the MERS [9]. The 25 million dollar deal is a paltry sum and the criminal behaviors- foreclosure frauds by empty trusts, forgery and counterfeiting- have never stopped. 

Schneiderman is no longer a factor in New York. The following article sums his personality and the fact he never represented any threat to the domestic or foreign financial terrorists that habituate New York Finance:

As “port” entries, Delaware and New York enjoy power of “extraordinary rendition”. In the right hands, decades of foreign involvement in pillaging the American Taxpayer, could recapture a virtual bonanza as it awaits among the possessions of America’s would-be emperors [10].

In the example given above, the top of this article explains HSBC as "Trustee”, is a Fraud. The “Trust” claims “residency”, for tax purposes, in Delaware. The false “Trustee” ultimately attempts to deceive the judges, in claiming his "trust" operates under New York Law…

A complete falsehood.


The same holds true for any number of foreign and domestic criminals posing as “Trustees”, while forcibly evicting American citizens from their homes under false pretense; forgeries and counterfeiting in the MERS, as but two examples. 

Eric Schneiderman turned a blind eye to the MERS. In so doing, he allowed MILLIONS OF VICTIMS in American Families to suffer DECADES OF ABUSE in Wrongful Foreclosures.

Although the Attorney General for New York, the Fact he also ignored New York Trust Law is problematic, while indicative of a deeper problem: participation in “Soft Coup”- now Treason, for example. Tens of thousands of Wrongful Foreclosures have been “initiated” and “managed”, for decades, by “Trustees” that don’t exist and have never existed, except as a façade.

Eric Schneiderman plays a significant role in suppressing the Truth regarding the mechanisms and False Narrative of Counterfeit American "Securities".

A first year Law student, given the facts, could have explained as much. A Fraud Of Ages, Eric Schneiderman has openly colluded in criminal behavior in service to his employers, domestic and foreign criminal bankers, for over a decade.

* "dematerialize" simply means reducing paper to electronic medium (disc, thumb drive, etc.).  "rehypothecate" means reproducing the original, as a copy for example. In Contract Law, a "copy" is less than an "original". This process has been canning worms for over a decade. Criminal bankers enter the "contracts" into a "bucket" that is then used to forge and counterfeit real estate titles electronically. Needless to say, these contracts are representative of Trillions in forged "ownership", where domestic and foreign criminals employ "Trust Clearinghouses" to electronically "dual track" American homes as "commodities". "Dual tracking" "makes a market" for insider trades in "loans" pre-selected  for foreclosure. This is the very essence of "Securities Fraud", also called: "Derivatives". The "derivatives" also represent Trillions in insurance bets American Mortgages will "default"; as such they are a "future's bet", or "hedge", in "risk management". Suffice to say these  derivatives' contracts- "insurance contracts" really-  are bulky and cumbersome and the process to transfer the moving parts is complicated. An international Law Enforcement presence was studying "derivatives' trades" in Building 7 and Marsh-McLennan - an international leader in "risk management" (insurance)- was involved in creating protocols for sending and receiving proprietary electronic transfer agreements... things like derivatives' contracts.

** In "distressed property proceedings, the "Servicing Company" is contractually-obligated to bring "foreclosures", NOT the "Trustee". An example is found in the actual web site for “US Bank”- a FAKE “Trustee” often listed as initiating foreclosure fraud. 

US Bank’s role as Trustee:

The 2010 ABA “White Paper” outlines the role of the Trustee and describes the railroad era, “Prudent Man” Standard as divorced from an actual “Contractual Obligation” as defined in actual written direction: Prospectus/PSA. (“Servicers’ role to bring/manage foreclosure; while “ultra vires” are antithetical to investors’ well-being) 

In legalese, "ultra vires" acts are beyond the responsibility of any given "Trustee". An example is any given "mortgage loan" the criminals claim they entered into any given "Trust", after that "Trust" had already closed. These late "entries" are described as: "in default"- already in foreclosure. 

A "Loan" in "foreclosure"- like crime, doesn't pay.

Legalese also explains “ultra vires acts” where “defaulted loans”, “entered” in “Trusts” that have already been closed for years, are “VOID”. In other words, they are a legal “Nullity”. The Fairy ConMother “Trustee”, cannot wave a magic wand and revive that particular “Sleeping Beauty”… particularly because the debt collectors attempting to use their phony, Con“Trustee”- a “Trustee” in name-only, to revive a criminal fraud, are simply imposters… nothing more, nothing less.

As imposters, the simple proof exists in a "1066" tax form- "loans" not in compliance provide a 100% tax windfall to  the IRS (Trillions).

As legally "Null-and-Void", in "False Security", the cases have already been provided,  "shepherded" by Professor Peterson (see footnote [3], below, pgs 119-20).

The criminals manufacture the “foreclosure” (dual tracking, forgery, fraud in the inducement, etc.) and then it enters the “Bucket” of "False Security"; once it was a CDO, now it has become a CDS: international criminal "securities clearinghouses" use it as a CDO to rob taxes and pensions (ERISA Violations) and then it is “rehypothecated” electronically and sold to local criminals, for pennies-on-the-dollar- a CDS. 

The CDS from the second "Trust" Slappingtons will expose, shows a forgery, with Bank of America, using an alias of a defunct French Corporation to counterfeit a debt in the MERS. The counterfeit is "certified" in the local courthouse. The  bogus "debt" is claimed  through GMAC- a company that never had any relationship to this property, whatsoever...

Regardless: the criminals, foreign and domestic, claim the ability to "transfer" a CDS valued at $145,000.00 for $1.00.

The ONLY "PRINTS" that can bring this Princess back to life are  those that will be inked in a BOOK, once the DC-Crime Syndicate is held "ACCOUNTABLE" FOR TREASON.

1 8 6 ~ Michael Keane, 7/5/18


James Comey, “money launderer”:




[3] Two Faces: Demystifying the Mortgage Electronic Registration System’s Theory of Land Title, Professor Christopher L. Peterson (p. 116, )

[4] Flint, Michigan and the MERS:

Holder and Breuer, Covington-Burling:


Breuer facilitating criminal behavior:



Jennifer Shasky, now Jennifer Shasky Calvery: more of the same:


Schneiderman is yet another con man.


See also, “Justice Inaction: The Department of Justice’s Unprecedented Failure  to Prosecute Big Finance”, GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY INSTITUTE. As  regards Schneiderman and the “national settlement”, page 21 quotes, “Mike  Gecan of the Industrial Areas Foundation feared … Eric Schneiderman had  caved to the (Obama) Administration’s Chicago Way.”.

An American President pushing through foreign parasites:


HORRORS! An American President is shown pressing his way through

European USURY! The visitor to Slappingtons may not like Donald

Trump. That doesn’t matter: he is the President of the United States. The 

Fact he is shown in his rough handling of Criminal European Filth should be cause for 

Celebration, not censorship.

~Michael Keane - 1 8 6

July 5, 2018

Holder's DOJ, James Comey's FBI, enable foreign criminals to murder American Children and Soldiers.

HSBC is proven a recidivist homicidal junkie using Other Peoples’ Money (OPM) in support of systemic addiction to Banking Fraud, Counterfeiting, Treason. 

A form of “front-running” [1] has been employed as regards groups of American Mortgages (pools of “loans” that are also called: "MBS-Mortgage-Backed Securities"). In part, this illegal behavior uses money from pension plans (ERISA Violations) to pay the “loan”, on the “front-end”. [2]

The criminals forge counterfeit “ownership” and thereafter divert the funds paid over the ensuing years, into “Bucket REMIC Trusts”. [3]

The counterfeit "ownership" exists as forged real estate titles that skip recording fees- resulting in poisoning and the death of children. [4] The bogus "trusts" are then used to launder terror and drug money- resulting in the death of American and Coalition Forces.[5] 

These “REMICs – Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits” are make-believe. They only exist in fiction.

The consequences to this fraud are very real, however, while reinforced through state court negligence. [6] We The People, through the efforts of corrupted local courts, Eric Schneiderman, Eric Holder’s DOJ, and James Comey’s FBI, are intended to believe these frauds are operating beyond the awareness of the SEC and IRS.

Instead, whistleblower awards have been given in the millions. [7]

Destruction of American Families has also been awarded in the millions; Divorce, Separation, Dislocation, Sickness, Mental Illness, PTSD and Suicide, to name but a few “Coin”s paid in Judas’ Silver to every strata in “Law Enforcement” for over a decade. 

Every community among the 3142 municipalities in the United States has been undermined (counterfeit land titles, Usury, forgeries, fraud, theft -by-deception, etc...). Criminal carelessness in the persons of sheriffs departments, law firms, clerks and judges, conspires to name but a few of the most treacherous dupes in thrall to Greed. 

Local criminals, once “Law Enforcement”, have sold themselves cheap in absolute disregard of the Rule of Law. 

The REMIC "Trusts" are non-existent and the intentionally mischaracterized damage done is so severe, 50 State AGs led by Eric Schneiderman, Obama's DOJ and James Comey's wholly-corrupted FBI, have fashioned a phony narrative of "National Security"; stipulating a system that murders American children, American Soldiers and Coalition Soldiers, must be preserved at all costs. 

The phony legal Puritans draped in black among the judges and local courts, have played along, while feeding among the remains of defrauded American Families; a financial version of blaming the rape victim, the courts have fashioned a new letter for Hester Prinn, a Scarlet "F".

~ Michael Keane July 5, 2018


Front Running:


In “front-running” criminal bankers employ “inside knowledge” to make “insider trades”.

In “securitization fraud”,* as regards “ERISA Violations”, criminal bankers exploit pension funds to pay the "mortgage loans" in any given, "MBS", in full, on the “front-end”. The Pension Fund Managers are told they are purchasing a “percentage” of the money collected each month on the mortgage payments that represent American Homes in the MBS Pool. 

Instead, criminal bankers use funds from pension managers to pay mortgage pools off, in full. The criminals then counterfeit “ownership” of the right to collect on those mortgages through “securitization clearinghouses”…

The mortgages are paid using pension funds. 


         The mortgages are paid in full for the        "face value" or, "front-end cost" - in         other words: "FRONT-RUNNING".

The criminal bankers then sit back and allow future payments to be diverted into their pockets.

        American Pensions are robbed and

        then used to purchase the future        interest in mortgage payments        stolen in American Homes. 

        Make-believe "REMIC Trusts" are used          to conceal these frauds and        "Counter-Fit" the original "Accounting".

Pension Funds are defrauded and criminals are enriched through “Bucketeering”. This is the nature of Obama’s restructuring of GMAC in the bogus hedge fund, “RESCAP- Residential Capital” (see the Fairholme Action and Obama’s bogus “Conservatorship” -2008- of Fannie and Freddie- F&F) 

Pension Funds are also defrauded through this scheme as certain mortgages are targeted to “depreciate” in order to provide a tax liability for the phony securitized “Trust”.

In other words: Criminals entice pension fund investors to buy shares in “loans” already in “default”. 

No investor in their right mind would buy into any MBS "mortgage pool" that hosts "loans" that are NOT BEING PAID.

“Mortgages” the criminals never funded with their own money are targeted in “Wrongful Foreclosure”. This is the nature of “dual-tracking”… promising Homeowners they may refinance, while the criminals instead, initiate “default” on “loans” that never belonged to them in the first place... 

The “loan” starts out "In the BUCKET", as a “Collateralized Debt Obligation- CDO”. Thereafter, it is scripted in forgery and becomes a foregone conclusion of "Wrongful Foreclosure"; dual tracking promises victimized homeowners a "refinance" while simultaneously initiating a fraudulent: "default". Once listed as "behind 90 days" in the criminal bankers private forgery system, local criminals place "bets" the property will be "successfully" "foreclosed". The "CDO has now become a "CDS": a "Credit Default Swap" where criminal insiders "borrow" against the underlying collateral (someone's home) to essentially engage in "equity theft". The property is "transferred" as "assigned" to imposters for pennies-on-the-dollar.**

The larger criminals enjoy OPM in the counterfeit CDOs; the local criminals enjoy the forgeries in the CDS.

The Pooling and Servicing Agreements/Prospectus-PSAs, keep “honor” among thieves, while defrauding the Homeowner, Pension Funds, Tax Base, SEC… 

The result?: Local Courts are corrupted, children poisoned to death and Soldiers murdered, so Swiss and English Bankers can fund terror and drug cartels, rob American Property through forgery and counterfeit what they wish everyone to believe is "US Currency"...

It Is NOT US Currency. It is phony Monopoly Money and it is now so hyperinflated it is worthless: 1 8 6. It is the criminal bankers' problem, NOT America's problem.

* To gain a better understanding of "securitization fraud", see the page marked: "Original Lie", among the pages, below.

** See footnote [1] Hultman Deposition (as found on the following page: "Treason in Verse"; in the right column,  "An Outline of Treasonous Intent", at bottom.

The private counterfeiting platform, the MERS, claims it has the ability to confer "ownership" status ("Mortgagee" status) to entities that never lent any money to defrauded Homeowners, in the first place. 

The MERS claims this ability because they identify themselves as the "Mortgagee", despite NEVER lending the defrauded Homeowner ANY money. The MERS witness, Hultman, claims:

"What I said is MERS remains the mortgagee even though the note (the right to collect on mortgage payments) has been transferred from the original lender to subsequent purchasers..." p. 142, lines 5-7

They are saying they essentially "found" the distressed property in their counterfeit Bucket and now it belongs to them...


They admit "subsequent purchasers" bought the "ownership" ("note"; right to collect on the debt"). That means those subsequent "owners" "own" the rights, not the MERS.

Page 123 and 138, from the same deposition, explain the MERS never holds any "ownership".

Page 72 admits the MERS has "No Employees".

So, MERS claims they can forge "possession" of something they never "owned" and they do so using "No Employees"... Ridiculous.


[3] Bucketeering:

[4] Flint, Michigan hosts corporate offices of the MERS. The MERS was created by partisans of criminal banking, specifically "mortgage lending"- both political parties are in collusion. The MERS uses phony Executive Officer Titles... things like "Senior Vice President" are forged to describe criminal bankers that never worked for the MERS in the first place.

The criminal bankers pay a $25.00 fee to pose as "Officers" of the MERS. The fee then allows them to access a private recording system where they have access to property  that has been entered into the MERS "Bucket". Flint is "Exhibit A" in damages done when revenue is denied local - county-recording offices. There are 3142 county recorders. The revenue denied those communities is in the Billions. 

[5] The false securitization scheme exchanges lawful title to American real estate for payments made into shadow banking  Buckets.The Buckets are enriched through 30 day revenue streams that cleanse drug money and fund terrorism. “Sanctioned Entities” of the US benefit and fund the deployment of IEDs and EFPs in places like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. The battlefield deaths of Coalition Forces are a direct result of this “Bucketeering”. As such, they represent Treason in Counterfeit “Mortgage-Backed Securities -MBS” and also manage to defraud the Original Constitution, SEC and IRS. 

[6] TILA Rescission: The Unanimous Scalia Court in the "Jesinoski Decision", provides imposter banking criminals "20 days" to "prove-up" the money trail on homes they are robbing.* The criminal bankers NEVER respond within the time allotted. Conversely, defrauded Homeowners are given "30 days"** to respond to "Wrongful Foreclosures". Jesinoski strips the criminals of "ownership" until they "prove-up". Jesinoski also strips false "securitization". Instead of enforcing Jesinoski- a decision from the highest court in the US, state judges ignore it outright under a false notion "National Security" means protecting criminal banking behaviors that murder children and soldiers. 

*The false description they are "representing Trustees" is antithetical to NY Trust Law, specifically, EPTL 7.24. "Defaulted loans"- "loans" that don't pay- are not suitable for entry into "investment" vehicles; particularly when those "Investment Vehicles (phony trusts)" have already been closed for years.

Criminal debt collection agencies, posing as "Law Firms", hide behind the name of a fake "Trustee". The criminals then claim their fake "Trustee" actually went into MBS mortgage pools and researched the history of each individual "loan"... That NEVER happened.

Moreover, the Proof the "Trusts" are simply fraud may be exposed through an IRS "1066 Form". The Form demonstrates whether these "loans" ever did, in fact, "enter" "securitized" "Trusts"... That NEVER happens either and if they did, there would be significant windfall to the American Taxpayer if it were true.

Instead, local corruption contents itself  posturing in false "National Security".

** Criminals have ignored the Supreme Court since at least January 13, 2015, "Jesinoski Decision", while defrauded Homeowners MUST respond to "Wrongful Foreclosure" within "30 days".

The criminals have the local courts regurgitating their phony narrative. Instead, the courts have been given a Supreme Court-mandated procedure the criminal bankers must prove their standing ("ownership of the right to collect the debt") in order to foreclose.

In a TILA rescission, once a defrauded Homeowner actually sends a letter to the imposter bank that claims their "debt", that "Proof" of "Standing" ("ownership of the right to collect on the debt") can ONLY exist in a proper accounting of the money trail. This is because the Supreme Court has created the procedure the "ownership" papers and "false securitization" are stripped. The  criminals false position is thereby exposed. So the bank must prove an actual accounting of their money trail and legitimate documents... not forgeries based on counterfeit "chain of title".

[7] Lynn Szymoniak:

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Treason in Verse

Fannie and Freddie- F&F, were kidnapped during Obama's signature achievement, the Bankruptcy of GMAC


Google: "the Fairholme Action". Obama robbed all the revenue streams and in fact, the "loans" themselves, once thought to be in portfolios controlled by Fannie and Freddie. F&F were intended to open the franchise of home ownership to minority communities. Instead, Obama has displaced millions from those communities, while robbing their homes in phony foreclosures- Google: 1200 Trillion and derivatives

Clinton behaviors aided the deregulation of "Glass-Steagall" with 3 Republicans: Gramm, Leach and Bliley. The Clintons then conspired with George Bush Sr. in deregulating "derivatives". Bush created the FTPA in 1992 and Clinton pulled the trigger in 1993. Despite Brooksley Born (see: Frontline's, "The Warning") and her urgent exposure, among others in 1998, "derivatives" will destabilize the planet, Clinton ignored her and passed the CMFA in 2000.

In "distressed property proceedings (foreclosures)", "derivatives" are nothing more than insider bets based on intelligence gathered through scams on home "repossessions". First, banks promise to restructure the debt through "HAMP" and "HARP", then, people requesting help are driven into foreclosure. (read “Bailout”, Neil Barofsky, specifically pgs. 152-3).

The mechanism employed is called "dual-tracking"; the bank offers to refinance, while simultaneously using automated systems to compel foreclosure (the "Predictiv Dialer System", as a possible, best example; "Compuserv" "MortgageServ", are others). At this point, local criminal cartels, in-and-around county courthouses, strip properties and purchase those properties for pennies-on-the-dollar, after employing fraud, forgery and counterfeiting.

There are now over1200 trillion owed to these phony scam home repossessions and the banks involved are fixin’ to saddle the US with their criminal, unsustainable, counterfeit debt. 

The good news is: European Central Banking “debts”, described as Monopoly Money created in America’s name, are unlawful (1 8 6) and We The People must resist, jail the bankers, nationalize the banks and kick them to the curb.

The banks have been using counterfeit “Trust” mechanisms to rob the American Treasury through SEC and Tax Evasion. Domestic banks and foreign corporate interests usually describe the “Special Purpose Vehicles- SPVs”, these Filth have created for this purpose. Local criminals are in collusion and their behaviors, they thought to conceal, now aid international terrorism, drug laundries, forgery and counterfeiting.

Barack Obama, the Judas Goat…

Uncle Tom at the tiller of the Big Banker’s Boat.

Once colored a “donkey” for the DNC vote

Now sinking, with Clinton: two turds that won’t Float. 

While We The People must never forget the HSBC Banker: Now FBI Director Comey,

A peerless Coward and Corruption’s Homey…

James Comey was on the executive board of HSBC, an English-Chinese hybrid- Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, while it was known to be using counterfeit American Mortgages to launder Terror and drug money. James Comey’s clientele describes “sanctioned entities” of the US engaged in murdering American and British soldiers.

If you’re having a sandwich, call on James Comey;

When it comes to the Clintons: he’s full of baloney.

He’s not fixed for a hero, more submarine sandwich

And there’s evidence now he can’t provide for a Manwich.

But his chicken is good and while his feathers are Yellow,

The Clintons have plucked him; he’s now boneless And mellow.

He once was a slaw man but he’s now into a pickle

While his digestion has turned and his appetite fickle.

Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder both concealed the fact, James Comey’s Bank was laundering terror and drug money. Eric Holder’s DOJ wrote the “Deferred Prosecution Agreement- DPA”, listing at least 4 Treasonous violations. One of which is a violation of “Trading With The Enemies Act”.

At the moment, Obama is “Lynching” the Nation.

He is now just a scaffold for Clinton Castration.

He reached within his chest of drawers 

To pack the Bureau with Clinton whores.

The first of which, Loretta Lynch, 

Is just another Clinton Donkey;

Grinding DNC organ, for the Clinton Monkey.

“So…” PBO thought to himself: “While that monkey’s on Clinton’s back, “Let’s hire ourselves an FBI Hack…”, Loretta the Mule. 

A sterile result for all to see, of Law Enforcement  that sits to Pee. The thoroughly bred Mule, Now on plantation, that won’t raise a hand to save the Nation.

Both Lynch and Holder concealed the fact Holder’s Law Firm, “Covington-Burling”, created the impossibly corrupt-beyond-belief, phony Electronic Boutique- The “Mortgage Electronic Registration System MERS”. It is used to rob homes in phony foreclosures using counterfeit title (see “Two Faces: The Mortgage Electronic Registration System’s Theory of Land Title”, Professor Christopher L. Peterson).

It is the original counterfeiting mechanism and it was not only ignored by Eric Schneiderman, he and AGs from 50 states sold their souls in a gamble they would never be found out.

There isn’t one, single, legitimate “REMIC Trust” and the contracts, governing those “TRUSTS” (Pooling and Servicing Agreements), are sheer fantasy, used to allow criminal banking insiders to claim homes that never belonged to them, in the first place (Google: “Bucketeering”)

Lorretta Lynch and Eric Holder 

Two crimes of inaction; each bolder-than-bolder.

Eric Holder, held US down while the banksters robbed homes in every town.

They used the “MERS” to murder our dreams, 

And poison our children through criminal schemes.

While, not so much as a one, has gone to jail,

Through Holder’s NONSENSE… Of “Too Big To Fail”  



Barack Obama is a coward, or worse. Andrew Jackson, for all his faults, set himself directly in the path of the criminal bankers that once tried to destroy this nation as executives in the “2nd National Bank”. The President of the 2nd National Bank, Nicholas Biddle, told Jackson he would destroy his presidency.

Jackson disarmed one assassin Biddle sent to kill him … personally.

Biddle died a pauper in prison. Jackson is described as an American Lion, for obvious reasons.

Now, not so much a riddle, while once there was Biddle; A “Tubman” to “Jackson”, Obama’s inaction, smacks of coercion and political faction.

Barack Obama: no “American Lion”;

While not quite above, putting the “lie-on”,

For the crime that is Clinton; Democracy’s Canker

And their Treason to Britain, as 

“Federal … Reservation… Bankers”.

Barack Obama and his DOJ are a betrayal of the American People incarnate. His theft of "loans" within F&F is merely one part of an intentional, "Boom-and-Bust Cycle" deliberately disguised as, "The Financial Crisis". It is instead, a Coup directed at We The People through foreign criminal bankers and their puppets in DC Corruption. Their target is to undermine American Sovereignty. It is a plan hatched within the cuckoo's nest that masquerades as the "US Financial System".

Mitt Romney? Seriously?

Although the verse below was written while Corporate “Hand – Out” Romney was running for Secretary of State, it is still pertinent. Romney is a disastrous boob, so naked in rapacious Greed he is like the getaway driver that calls the cops to unlock the vehicle in front of the bank he is attempting to rob.

Romney is the Poster Child for "Planned Parenthood", at least insofar as "Vulture Capitalism" breeds mental defectives... The same inbreeding currently attempting to destroy the US.

In the video, above, Mitt Romney exposes the intentional fraud, homeowners be denied their property rights, while criminal bankers rob the US, in service to foreign “Investors”. Those “Investors” are now proven looting the American Tax Payer through “False Securitization”.

The “Financial Crisis” is an intentional Fraud perpetrated by the Central Banking Cartel and their pet politicians; people like The Clintons and The Romneys and the Obamas. 

The Clintons deregulated “DERIVATIVES”; NOW THERE ARE 1200 TRILLION DOLLARS OWED TO THE SYSTEM, AS, “NOTIONAL DERIVATIVES”. Don’t believe me? Google it… and those “DERIVATIVES” – owed, from one bank to another- means the Central Banking System is hopelessly “INSOLVENT”.




Their plan is to then use the “CGI- Clinton Global Initiative” and the “client states” that the Clintons have cultivated to deliver the US into the hands of a foreign banking Cartel that will operate as “NAFTA- On Steroids”, through the TPP, once American “Sovereignty” is stripped through counterfeit “securities” and intentionally mislabeled “QUOIN (Currency)”.

Mitt’s gonna run? For Secretary of State?

He should sit for a while and remember the plate, He passed ‘round for his masters: the one filled with hate.

He emptied it well, with his soul up for rent, A King of Big Banking: “A real Big Banker’s Gent”…

Ahh, now those were the days, while the slaves were all bent,

In working the fields… before government...

Because now its all changed and if this hand-job could vent, 

He would say something like, “I blame 47 per cent

You know, all those people we rob by consent 

while we bend all the rules so, they can pay rent

on crooked mortgages we claim, on money we Never in fact Ever Lent.

So stick ‘em with foreclosure, but don’t let them know it

Cause that money we claim, they don’t really owe it.

We paid all those ‘loans’ while we laundered drug money

And, if you think that was good, here’s the real Honey:

We lied about war to their sons and their daughters

Then we took all those homes too, while they faced all the slaughters

Those 47 per cent are sure good for some laughters while we sell

them all off to our man-made disasters.

So… when all the yokels start flexing their vocals

In Star Spangled this and Star-Spangled that

It’s the Bank of ‘Murica, HSBC and Wells Fargo

Selling children to slaughter, So they come home, as stored cargo… 

But they’ll never know, as we are cunning Corporatists,

That we murdered their dreams to launder money for terrorists”.

But, Mitt shouldn’t run ‘til he’s really well-rested, 

Cause those 47 Per Cent? Despite being bested, 

By murderous Greed, 

are past being tested,

By hypocrites, liars and delusional bags of Filth, like Mitt Romney ... And Hillary Clinton.

Senator Sanders, We The People, Abraham Lincoln’s “Green Back Dollar”, Investigate and Jail the Bankers, Investigate and Jail the Clintons, Investigate and Jail the wholly-Treasonous Media and the corrupted politicians they conspire with, to front for a Criminal, Foreign, Banking Cartel … 2016

“Corporations are NOT People and I am NOT, Your Friend”.

Original written March 16, 2016 

~Michael Keane

Please share far and wide

"Socialism" may incite the visitor to Slappingtons...

Get over it. In 2008, an international criminal theft is orchestrated and continues under the False Narrative: "Financial Crisis". It was DESIGNED BY DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN CRIMINALS TO ROB AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.

Bush and Obama rigged "HAMP" and "HARP" to create "Distressed Properties". None of the "foreclosures " Bush and Obama created are susceptible to government assistance, because those "debts' are not government insured... the whole thing is a SCAM and it started with using taxpayer money to "Bailout" the adolescent  "Affluenza Crowd", on Wall Street.

The "Socialized BAILOUT" for Privatized Gain may incite the visitor to Slappingtons... It should. 

The FACT of the matter is: Until "Accountability" is restored under the Rule Of Law as regards Treasonous Criminals posturing in "National Security", neither Capitalism, nor Socialism are a threat to the Corporate - KleptoMockracy.

Murdering children in poisoned water and Murdering American Soldiers in laundered terror money is the European Bankers' Game and they have dressed their clowns as elephants and donkeys. 

An Outline of Treasonous Intent


Holder's Law Firm created the counterfeiting machine- the MERS.[1] 

Obama's restructure of GM created the cash machine (bogus hedge fund, called RESCAP). [2]

The Clintons deregulated Glass-Steagall (with 3 Republicans: Gramm, Leach, Bliley). 

The Clintons stripped Bankruptcy protections. At first, after Bill Clinton proposed to diminish Bankruptcy Protections, his wife put up a token resistance...

Long enough to first become a choice for Senator of Wall Street.


The Clintons deregulated "Derivatives" twice, FTPA 1993 and despite Brooksly Born’s “Warning” [3], again through the CMFA, in 2000.

"Derivatives" = a fancy name for insider trades on counterfeit mortgages (bets a mortgage will default). [4]

HAMP and HARP were used to trigger defaults; during the Bush Presidency, the banks told borrowers to skip payments to be eligible. [5]

Once behind 90 days, "defaulted" mortgages were placed in "Bucket Shop" "Trusts (REMICs)". [6]

The "Bucket Shop REMICs" were created in "Boiler Rooms". The Boiler Rooms were created to use counterfeit mortgages to launder terror and drug money. 

James Comey was placed as an Executive on the board of HSBC March 2013, six months after American Law Enforcement was manipulated to ignore HSBC. 

HSBC launders terror and drug money using Bucket Shop REMIC Trusts. 

In September 2012 the British Finance Minister George Osborne and Eric Holder cut a deal.


In December 2012 the deal went down in Brooklyn; Loretta Lynch was the Prosecutor there at the time. 

Lanny Breuer signed for Obama and Holder; Mark Carney (now “Governor” of the Bank of England) dictated these events. 

Mark Carney got caught dictating these events; watch "All the Plenary's Men", by John Titus. [7]

12 American Prosecutors are in collusion. [8] 

Presently, there are over 1200 Counterfeit Trillion "Federal Reserve Notes "owed to these behaviors. 1200 Trillion is 20 X the combined GDP of Every Country on the planet = IMPOSSIBLE. [9]

The criminal, foreign counterfeiters of American Currency have destroyed themselves, not US. (1 8 6)

The Democrats are in a corner and defaming the President and the Russians as a distraction. 

In the end, it will prove foreign imposters to US financial well-being are robbing the US through counterfeit real estate titles (US "Securities" of "MBS") and counterfeit Currency (bonds, bills and notes). The intentionally-mislabeled, Federal Reserve", neither federal, nor possessing ANY reserves, deliberately held interest rates low, while delivering this counterfeit windfall directly to their foreign-owned and operated, English and Swiss-based central banking scam. 

~ Michael Keane 4/22/18 – 1 8 6

[1] Hultman Deposition

On April 7, 2010, William Hultman was deposed, in New Jersey, to admit the MERS was created as a “Bankruptcy Remote” entity. Page 32, lines 9-20:

         They required that a bankruptcy          remote single purpose entity be          created in order for transactions          holding loans secured by MERS…

The Notion the criminals may escape punishment, derives from their reasoning they are “protected” because their criminal behaviors are “Bankruptcy” “Remote”.

[2] The “Bankruptcy” domestic and foreign criminals engineered is that of GMAC. The hedge fund “clearinghouse” they also created is “RESCAP- Residential Capital”. Homes taken in foreclosure fraud never show up in GMAC’s asset pool, prior to GMAC’s “Bankruptcy”.

The “loans” the criminals claim they “Own”, never belonged to them in the first place.

For over a decade, criminal imposters have been robbing American Families through …

a plan to create a single shell company that would pretend to own all the mortgages in the country.

(Two Faces: Demystifying the Mortgage Electronic Registration System’s Theory of Land Title, Professor Christopher L. Peterson, p. 116)



[5] BAILOUT, Neil Barofsky:

The abuses didn’t stop there. One particularly  pernicious type of abuse was that servicers would  direct borrowers who were current on their  mortgages to start skipping payments, telling them  that that would allow them to qualify for a HAMP  modification… Borrowers who might otherwise Never have missed a payment found themselves hit with whopping bills that they couldn’t pay and now 

Faced foreclosure. It was a disaster (p.153).

Securitization Fraud” employs “debt” “contracts” that are also called “Prospectus” and “Pooling and Servicing Agreements”.

These contracts begin as “Collateralized Debt Obligations- CDOs” that essentially define: “the Bucket”.

Once 90 days is defined as the length of time a “mortgage” has not been paid, the criminals rely on “protection” in “Bankruptcy Remote” status (GMAC - RESCAP). 

The “loans” enter the “Bucket” and emerge as “Credit Default Swaps-CDS”, where the “loan” is purchased by local criminals (debt collection agencies posing as “Law Firms”, as but one example, local judges, clerks, sheriff departments, as others), where the “debt” is purchased through inside trades, for pennies-on-the-dollar.

It goes without saying GMAC never “owned” these “debts” as a search for the “debt” among assets “owned” by GMAC, proves those debts absent. GMAC "Bankrupted" in 2006. The very real criminal act engineered with the phony name as "Financial Crisis", began to "Bucketeer" other people's property in 2008. 

Eric Schneiderman is the Chief Apologist for the MERS and he also has allowed over a decade of foreclosures to go forward as in violation of New York Law (EPTL 7.24).


As but one example, US Bank is often listed in these fraudulent actions. Their website is a direct contradiction. US Bank’s role as Trustee:


“Bucketeering” is an 18th century term that describes using the dregs from liquor casks to fill a bucket. The dregs were collected by street urchins that didn’t purchase the keg and also didn’t pay taxes.

“Securitization Fraud” is also designed to evade taxes by people that never “owned” the underlying “mortgage debt”.

[7] The following “lead-in” is an excellent introduction:

The actual video:


In fact, Jennifer Shaftsky was the lead Prosecutor in the HSBC Case. She now works for HSBC.

[9] 20 X the combined GDP of every country, on the planet, is an Impossible sum  for any bank, or group of banks to claim ownership in.

~ Michael Keane - 1 8 6

    July 5, 2018


A "Quoin" is a "Cornerstone". A COIN IS PAPER.

A deliberate, misinformation campaign now confounds the Truth. It is a long time in the making...


The criminal, English-based cartel, presently operating out of the intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve- neither federal, nor, possessing ANY reserves”, would like everyone to believe Article 1, Section 8, only allows, “The Congress… To coin money…”. They are lying. The colonial process of using an actual, “printing press” used “Quoins” to create and “fix” the printing of paper currency to thereby, “… Regulate the value thereof”. The word “Quoins” may be spelled, “Coignes, or “Coins”. Thomas Paine understood as much and he described the paper “Continental Currency”, as the “Cornerstone” of the Revolution…

Can a piece of paper support the weight of the Washington Monument?

Thomas Paine has suggested it can.

According to what is likely the greatest engineer of the Revolution, once the paper currency, “The Continental” was “Quoined” and printed, it acted as the “Cornerstone” to Revolution.

Paine describes “Continental Paper Currency”, as follows:

“Every stone in the bridge, that has carried us over, seems to have a claim upon our esteem. But this was a corner stone, and its usefulness cannot be forgotten.”.[1]

The Original Revolt against English Bankers was engineered by Draftsmen, Printers, Builders, and Warrior Poets …

Thomas Paine, perhaps the greatest engineer, of them all, built the first-ever, steel, suspension bridge, even as the words he fashioned, provided the backbone necessary to the demands of his day.

In fact, his words define the very, “Bridge, that has carried us over…”.

As Draftsmen, Printers and Builders, the original engineers were no strangers to their craft and the tools they used to “Quoin” their creations emboldened the rebellion in the first place in the aftermath of the “Stamp Act”.

Simply put, before a project can act as “Coin”, it must be “Quoined” to carry weight and in fact, the coignes themselves, whether called “coignes, coins, or quoins”, are actual, metal wedges.

These metal wedge are used to set the type-face; the letters and numbers that define each printed page…

Thereafter, to show value, the paper must be clearly defined, as described in the printed word, with the structural elements also clearly defined, then drafted on paper and “stamped” upon approval.

Insofar as, placing a valuation on paper money, it is redundant to explain the same qualities must also be present. Any architect, Revolutionary or otherwise, will then, “… regulate the value thereof…”,[2] as his work commands his price. In architecture, another word for a “Cornerstone” is a “Quoin”.

To paraphrase Thomas Paine and thereby, “coin a phrase”:

A PAPER “QUOIN” is a “COIN”.[3] Congress may certainly “Quoin” paper money.

A “Corporate Kleptomockracy” now
feels it owns, “The People, We”.

While “Common Sense” and meanings-lost
Have all conspired to shirk the cost…
To “middle man”, across the sea,
A wretch, now marked, as “Royalty”.

If my two “Cents” makes tons of “Sense”,
and Thomas Paine may be believed,
the current paper, once properly “Quoined”,
may act as “Corner Stone” and Store

to cage the English…

Central Banking Whore…

For paper “Quoined”,
as case may be, will act as “Coin”,
to set the fee and thus describe, “The People, We”
as having now and always been,
our Sovereigns’ own, in Sovereignty

“Nobility”? : such posh – and –pish…
while feeding in the People’s dish…
It gluts itself, among our sons
And fills the world with bombs and guns.
It hides itself, a “Patriot”, while “Greed”, alone, is Cause for it.

Take the phony amount (1200 Trillions) and move it, as real dollars, into the Possession of the American People. Investigate and Prosecute our Political Oppressors and the banks that counterfeit American Currency. There are 1200 Trillions owed to “Insurance Fraud”, aka, “Derivatives” and EMPTY “MBS- Mortgage-Backed-Securities”- THAT HAVE NO “MORTGAGES” IN THEM!

It is Counterfeiting, plain-and-simple.

Article one, Section eight, paragraph six, provides remedies for these criminal behaviors. In unambiguous language, the Constitution explains, as follows: “The Congress shall have the power … To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the SECURITIES and current coin of the United States…”.

Once punishment and “asset seizures” are established, the present system may be kept in place and an alternative currency may be used as substitute, for the intentionally-mislabeled, now-hyper-inflationary, “Federal Reserve Notes, Bills and Bonds”.

The intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve”, neither “Federal”, nor possessing ANY “Reserves”, has destroyed itself, NOT the American People (186)

In fact, Abe Lincoln’s “Greenbacks” presently exist in the US Treasury as a replacement. They could be minted and used, while “We The People” evict the criminal, English-based, Central Banking Cartel and establish the Treasury, as:

“Under New Ownership”.

Article One, Section Eight, paragraph six of the Constitution (1 8 6), is quite specific, while unambiguous. It says: “The Congress shall have the power … To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States…”.

It turns out the “current coin” of these United States has been “counterfeit” by Criminal, European imposters in the US Treasury for over 100 years. It is also true US “securities (Mortgage-Backed Securities –MBS, with zero legitimate titles in those REMIC MBS)" - are now counterfeit. The remedy and relief, for the American People, in each instance = 1 8 6.

~ Michael Keane 1/25/17

1] “The Web of Debt”, Dr. Ellen Brown, p. 43

[2] Constitution, Article One, Section Eight




In the meantime, 

The mortgage "loans" are paid every 30 days.

The "loans" are hijacked, as described, and placed in groups... These groups are called pools.

The "pools" of "loans" are also called: "Securities"... "Mortgage-Backed Securities-MBS"...

The MBS are also called "REMIC Trusts"... So this discussion is about: "Securitized Pools (of "loans") in Remic trusts".

The actual "trusts" are empty because the legal, "lawful", ability to collect 30-day payments on the "loans" has been counterfeit.

They are counterfeit so the 30-day payments can launder terror and drug money while the criminal bankers claim "ownership" of collection rights.

The criminal bankers use a "shell"- a facade- to call the "loans" a "Securitized Pool of groups of loans in REMIC Trust"...

Forging "ownership" in counterfeit "securities" violates the Constitution, 1 8 6...

The criminal bankers use the false narrative of "Securitized Trusts" because it also robs their victims (American Homeowners) of gaining an understanding of how, what, where, when and by whom they were defrauded.

In trials in court, the understanding of how the crime was manufactured is called: "Discovery".

Victims to the Bush-Obama-era are denied "Discovery" because Eric Schneiderman, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lanny Breuer and James Comey  wish everyone to believe the "American Dollar" is at risk...

Hence, the phony label: "National Security".

Instead, the "Federal Reserve Note" is in jeopardy, the DC Mob is in jeopardy, the criminal banks are in jeopardy and the criminal Europan Bankers are "Insolvent".

The phony "Trusts" have been enriching all these clowns behind the back and Will of the American People.

The "Trusts" are the "Bucket".

The "Bucket" was created to "slop" the criminal hogs.

The "Trusts" are the mechanism of forgery and counterfeiting...

Pension Violations

Tax Evasion

SEC evasion and violations

The make-believe "Trusts" are used to deny Discovery because the victims are supposed to accept it's OK they may be robbed by Criminal Filth employing a phony contract they, as  victims, never signed... Well, it turns out, most of the phony contracts were never signed by the imposters, either

~ Michael Keane July 18, 2018 - 1 8 6


Counterfeiting is the enemy

The United States must control its own finances


1 8 6 = article ONE, section EIGHT, paragraph SIX of the “Original” Constitution. It explains quite plainly, without any need for clarification: “The Congress shall have the power … To provide for the punishment of COUNTERFEITING the SECURITIES and current coin of the United States…”.

In the “Organic Act of 1871”, the English-based, Swiss, central banking cartel, placed the US as a “Corporate-Indenture” to the City of London. Their self-described ability to do so stems from the Treaty of Paris (1783), wherein the Revolutionary Fathers entitled the “English Monarch” as the “Arch-Treasurer” of what later became “The United States of America”.

In 1865, Lincoln was gone and his creation, the “Greenback Dollar”, was strangled in its cradle. 6 years later (1871), Swiss and English Filth then defrauded the planet by INCORPORATING THESE UNITED STATES. The “Original” Constitution was rigged to speak “OF” the United States, whereas before, it read “FOR” the United States. It is OUTRAGEOUS.

DC Corruption: Puppets, Simpletons and Fools went along, despite the Fact there is zero mechanism in the Constitution "We The People" may be sold to private corporate interests.

Lincoln’s “Greenback” had terrorized the Swiss and English Filth because it operated beyond their “USURY”. The Swiss and English Filth OWNED ALL THE GOLD AND THEIR SYSTEM OPERATED ON THAT GOLD (also called, "The Gold Standard"). Lincoln stripped the US Greenback of reliance upon Gold, in emulation of the American Revolutionary “CONTINENTAL” = PAPER CURRENCY (FIAT).

Colonial "paper" was first targeted by foreign Tyranny in the Stamp Act, while the original Boston Tea Party was a colonial reaction of the victims who assembled to defy the East India Tea Company- an early template of "Corporate - KleptoMockracy".

The Continental was targeted by English Filth during the American Revolution. Shay’s Rebellion was a reaction to English interference in American Currency. English Spies stripped Revolutionary War Veterans of the value in Colonial Currency by releasing counterfeit paper. It is a strategy European Tyranny has mastered and exported through every society on the globe.

In fact, printers like Ben Franklin understood the dangers of Counterfeiting and listed “Counterfeiting is Death” on the paper currency they “STAMPED” to be used as exchanged between 13 independent, idiosyncratic, unrelated colonies. Franklin, among other Revolutionarys, if memory serves, also described the “Stamp Act” AS THE CAUSE OF THE REBELLION.

In 1871, the DC Filth Incorporated the US and then subjected the US to a “Structured” bankruptcy and foreclosure, predicated upon Civil War debt they claimed as owed in Gold. The Filth coerced this “debt” in collusion with DC- their “Corporate Puppets”.

A recent example to traitorous intent in rapacious Greed, exists in "Corporate-Hand-Out" Romney: "Corporations are People my friend". 

No, Mitt, they aren't and We The People are Not "your friend".

At this point there is zero doubt a "Coup" has been undertaken against "We The People", by the "Palace"(DC Corruption). Originally, that Coup went undetected through disinformation, although clearly now in evidence against the sitting President (Conversely, whether you like President Trump, or not, is immaterial to the facts).

The criminal Filth (domestic and foreign) attacking these United States, are the servile apologists of the presence and foreign intervention in America's financial center; the notion is: "the banks must be protected at all costs as a matter of National Security".

HOGWASH. The banks and "DC Palace", are allowing American and Coalition Service Personnel to be butchered in order to launder terror and drug money described as... "National Security"? 

Poisoned American children are also victims.

The fact the initial, thus far successful, Gambit, of the Palace Mandarins is a well-planned systemic fraud stripping Americans of their property. The weapon is "Securitization Fraud- pools of American Mortgages also called: Mortgage-Backed Securities- MBS". The MBS are Counterfeit, as such antithetical to the Constitution: 1 8 6.

The Filth plying counterfeit MBS have been cloaking a systematic enrichment of foreign and domestic criminals through what are known as "Securitization Clearinghouses".

Search the "Depository Trust Company"- DTC, as the American Participant; "Euroclear" as but one European equivalent.

These "clearinghouse" mechanisms have been looting the American Treasury through tax evasion, SEC evasion and pension violations, at least.

 An example, in microcosm, of these systemic behaviors is found in the Obama-era DOJ and their refusal to advance American interests beyond those of their criminal banking masters. The fact the Obama-era DOJ is operating under false pretense is described in the following article.…/david-dayen-eric-holder…/

Eric Holder's Law Firm Covington-Burling created the MERS and Eric Schneiderman, among 50 state attorneys general ignored it is a counterfeiting machine (roughly 70% of American mortgages are false).

Eric Schneiderman was the attorney general for New York. New York Trust Law precludes MBS from launching "foreclosures" in the name of the "Trustee" to that MBS (EPTL 7.24)... DECADES OF WRONGFUL FORECLOSURES HAVE GONE FORWARD IN VIOLATION OF NEW YORK TRUST LAW... Eric Schneiderman, chief apologist for the MERS, must have skipped Law School the day "Trust Law" was taught.

CLEARINGHOUSES: the Filth capitalizing on Wrongful Foreclosures use a contract that serves two purposes. At first, the contract acts as a "Collateralized Debt Obligation- CDO", once AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS are placed in foreclosure, the contract switches to become a "Credit Default Swap- CDS".

The same Filth operating the intentionally mislabeled "Federal Reserve", also own and operate the Clearinghouses. They use the CDOs to COLLECT mortgage funding (monthly revenue streams = payments) into shadow bank accounts. Once those CDOs become CDS through Wrongful Foreclosures (AMERICAN FAMILIES FORECLOSED WHILE PAYING THE MORTGAGE), local criminals leverage bets the "foreclosure" will be "successful" = a "Naked Short Sale".

The CDS is a fraudulent insurance bet, based on insider trading (SEC Violation) in violation of NEW YORK TRUST LAW. It is also called a "Derivative". Presently there are over 1200 Trillion Counterfeit American Dollars (called "Federal Reserve Notes") placed, as "calls on margin" against fraudulent MBS (Counterfeit Securities).

Local criminals (usually debt collection agencies posing as Law Firms) adopt the false posture of and call themselves :"Trustees" to bring these Wrongful Foreclosures, while corrupted local judges, sheriffs, clerks strip AMERICAN FAMILIES of their homes and then counterfeit an interest they often buy (for pennies-on-the-dollar) in the distressed property in order to conceal the fraud... all in the name of "National Security"?

The European Central Bankers ARE the PROBLEM... ALWAYS HAVE BEEN THE PROBLEM.

The video of President Trump pushing his way past the criminal European, Parasitic Filth is cause for celebration, not condemnation.…/trump-pushes-prime-ministe…/index.html

1 8 6 ~ Michael Keane, July 7, 2018

Modern Money Theory- A Cheap Apology For Criminal Bankers

The  MMT Cult and their pet "Economists" make no mention of over 1200  trillion in counterfeit US dollars  (bonds, bills and notes) and  counterfeit US securities presently owed to the system.

Attempts to explain US securities as now counterfeit, in the form of  “Mortgage-Backed-Securities”, with NO “mortgages” in them, meet with  universal misunderstanding by the MMT Cult, in my experience.

I have had several explain there is no such thing as a  “Mortgage-Backed-Security”, while in fact, bogus securitization of  mortgage pools is THE problem, in the first place.


The Cult of MMT also believe the intentionally-mislabeled "Federal Reserve" is government owned. 

It isn't.


Instead, it is the host to a criminal, English-based cartel in residency as an imposter and parasite. 

 The bubble as it now stands (1200 trillions) and their notion it  doesn't matter is preposterous, particularly because the MMT Cult act as  if our past subscribers to that counterfeit bubble will continue along  buying US currencies (bills, bonds and notes).

This  misunderstanding by the Cult of MMT, altogether fails to acknowledge  past subscribers to US Currencys (bills, bonds and notes), Brazil,  Russia, India, China and Spain, have ALREADY chosen to abandon the  intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve” system (Federal Reserve, IMF  and World Bank).

None of the BRICS countries will continue  subsidizing a wholly-criminal, bogus, parasitic imposter to US Currencys  (bills, bonds and notes).

Unless prosecutions go forward,  accountability is properly restored and the benefit of US currency  extends equally to all participants to and in and with those currency  issues, those countries that funded the parasites of the past will never  fund a proper US currency once it is, in fact, restored.

 (Goldman Sachs, as a case-in-point and their financial rape, as insiders  manipulating the extortion of Greece, as a possible, best, most recent  example of parasitic behavior).

In fact, MMT Cult members not  only ignore past clients to US debt have already decided to move on  through the formation of the BRICS central bank…

… MMT Cult  members also act as though those BRICS’ countries don’t already possess  some 1200 Trillions in COUNTERFEIT US CURRENCYS (bills, bonds and  notes).

The Cult of MMT as regards the participation of other  countries, as those purchasing COUNTERFEIT US “DEBT” and a willingness  to continue purchasing Counterfeit US “debt”, IS DELUSIONAL.





MMT  and their notion imposters to our financial condition may continue  counterfeiting to further hyper-inflate a balloon already poised to  destroy world markets because "Sovereign" nations may act unilaterally,  as masters of their own fate, has zero basis in reality. 

It is  counter to the understanding THE ONLY thing the US has been exporting  since 1942 and Bretton Woods IS US debt and our creditors are fixing to  call that debt.

Moreover, in the following video, it is proven  the notion of US "Sovereignty”,  as it relates to US law enforcement is  subservient to foreign banking interests and the cartel that has  maligned the planet (Swiss and English Bankers).

Central banks as "public utilities" is the work of Dr. Ellen Brown (Public Banking Institute and 

 When I post about Dr. Brown's book, "The Web of Debt", the MMT Cult  has, in my experience, come out against it in defense of the present  system (intentionally-mislabeled, "federal reserve", as government  owned), largely because, as they explain, that system already exists and  the US is "Sovereign" within that system.

Dr. Brown’s work proves otherwise.

It isn’t and it never will be until We The People “Iceland” the criminal bankers into prison, where they belong.

That is where the conversation STARTS.

 What I have been trying to explain for what seems like centuries is:  “The criminals in residence to our finances have destroyed themselves,  NOT US.

There is no mechanism in the Constitution that explains  the American People must subsidize a foreign, criminal presence that has  maligned our “Sovereignty” and now our “Solvency”.

Investigate  and jail the bankers, foreclose, first, then nationalize the banks,  Issue new currency (bonds, bills, notes) as pro-rated upon collection of  the phony, intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve” bonds, bills and  notes. Return order and rework debt obligations with foreign purchasers  of what has been described, until now, as “US Currency”.

 Re-Issue Abe Lincoln Greenback Dollars, Nationalize the banks, jail the  bankers, seize their assets and clean out DC, root and branch, jail the  corrupted and force a renewed allegiance to the Original Constitution.

~ Michael Keane 5/10/17 all rights reserved… although you may feel free to post and share on Facebook.

If the US is to survive, We The People need terminate these criminal filth yesterday!

It is well-past the time We The People ICELAND the criminal banking Filth into OBLIVION, FOR NOW AND FOREVER MORE.

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1200 Trillions Counterfeit compels Accountability under the Constitution

Bitcoin or cryptocurrencys are NOT the answer.

A return to the Rule of Law, under the Costitution, with "Accountability" restored, is the answer.

The Fed Notes are worthless. The imposters and parasites in the Fed have destroyed themselves and their phony money through COUNTERFEITING. 

Article One, Section Eight, paragraph six, of the "Original Constitution" explains: "The Congress shall have the power ... To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States...". 

The counterfeiting exists as 1200 trillions (20 X the combined GDP of every country on the planet) and it is listed AS ASSETS presently under control of the intentionally-mislabeled, "Federal Reserve (neither Federal, nor possessing ANY Reserves)" and the equally bogus World Bank and IMF. 


Ben Franklin is rolling in his grave. 

Anyway, the plan is to pull the rug from under the phony stock market and then use the Brexit to humiliate the American People while devaluing the Federal Reserve Notes (and the bills and bonds and securities that underpin those currencys).

The American People MUST UNDERSTAND the banks have destroyed themselves NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. 

The phony Constitution that replaced the Original during the "ORGANIC ACT OF 1871" is a "CORPORATE INDENTURE" to the City of London. As such it is listed as a "SOS"; "Sue Or Be Sued", Corporate entity... 

It also includes the weapon. 


The banks are finished and the answer is to re-issue Lincoln Greenbacks by simply printing new FIAT Currency, under the supervision of proper LAW ENFORCEMENT; INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE THE BANKS AND THEIR LAWYERS AS TRAITORS AND THEN INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE THE CORRUPTION IN DC AS TRAITORS.


Thereafter, seize bank assets and use those assets as a new infrastructure under the US Postal System, as a Public Bank…



The Answer

JFK understood the Answer, so Criminal Filth murdered him


Suggesting a Failure to hold Criminal Bankers Accountable will cause the world to lose Faith in a true US Currency, is the same as suggesting grown men may continue raping children or Humanity will lose Faith in God.

Angle-land is as crooked as a stick


BP never paid a price for destroying an entire ecosystem- the Gulf, because European pension plans would have suffered. American pension plans have now been looted by Criminal European Filth that have been Counterfeiting US Monopoly Money and US Securities.

The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are the Refuge of "We The People"


Washington DC, BOTH Parties, must answer for the chaos THEY have created. The Consent of We The People has been hijacked by Criminals that feel they own a Private Club. 1 8 6