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James Comey created the original Treason in 2005 when he covered for KPMG.


KPMG was allowing their client banks to launder terror and drug cartel money for known enemies of the US - Iran as an example.


George Osborne (the former English Finance Minister) resurrected Comey's Treason in September 2012, in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn was selected because Loretta Lynch was the Prosecutor there, at that time.


Loretta Lynch went on to become Eric Holder’s replacement, as Attorney General of the US.


The Treason was coordinated by Eric Holder and George Osborne, booked under Loretta Lynch in September and signed under Loretta Lynch in December.




Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation- a British-Chinese hybrid – HSBC.




The Treason was signed in December 2012 and James Comey elected to betray the American military and Coalition Forces, in March 2013, three months later, when he was placed, by his masters, with HSBC bank.


The Treason is designed and has been used, since September 2012, to conceal HSBC as a terror and drug laundry.


HSBC Bank launders and has been laundering terror and drug cartel money for known enemies of the US.


Those known enemies use counterfeit US funds to murder American and British Coalition Forces.


The counterfeiting is a direct result of the MERS as it is a deliberate “Pretender” to over 1200 Trillions in counterfeit US dollars and counterfeit US securities.








The MERS was created by Eric Holder’s Law Firm, Covington Burling.


Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer avoided prosecution of criminal bankers for eight Obama years- they are now back, working for Covington Burling.




Since Comey’s original Treason in 2005, over 1384 Coalition forces have been killed in Afghanistan alone.


The weapons used are IEDs and EFPs funded and directed by Iranian Quds Forces.




English Finance Minister, George Osborne and elements of the intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve” system, forbid American Law Enforcement to prosecute any of the proven criminal acts.


Those criminal acts are described in Federal Judge John Gleeson’s analysis :




The video, below, explains American Treason that is profound:




The Filth that have sold the United States to the intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve”, have done so to appease Swiss and English Bankers.


An explanation of Eric Holder’s MERS and the fact it “pretends” “ownership” of American mortgages as a “shell” company, is found below, on page 116.




The “securities” that are counterfeit are “pools of mortgage loans” that are EMPTY- There are NO “Mortgages” in the “Mortgage-Backed-Securities”.


They have been counterfeit to launder terror and drug cartel money in banks run by people like James Comey.


Article One, Section Eight, paragraph 6 explains, in unambiguous language: “The Congress shall have the power to provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the UNITED STATES…”.


There are NO “mortgages” in the “Mortgage-Backed-Securities”. This is all about insurance fraud on US homes.


The homes are treated by Wall Street Filth as “commodities” and then those Filth deliberately trigger foreclosure fraud after placing insurance “bets (derivatives)” Americans will lose their homes to counterfeit “Trust” mechanisms.


The entire Central Banking Scam represents an attack on US “Sovereignty” as an attack on US Property Rights and what everyone has been led to believe is US Currency…


It isn’t – Its counterfeit. The “FED” is a criminal parasite and imposter.


A “quadrillion” dollars- 1200 Trillions is an impossible amount for any bank, or group of banks to lay claim to.


The banks have destroyed themselves NOT the American People.





When the time comes, after these Filth employ the “Brexit” and then use the “Brexit” as a pretense to pull the rug from under the phony stock market…


REMEMBER! The phony “Federal Reserve” and criminal imposters that operate it must be investigated and imprisoned as imposters and then We The People must foreclose and bankrupt them, seize their assets and nationalize the banks.


Then We The People must re-take possession of our Birthright, issue new currency (bonds, bills and notes) and force corruption and money out of American Politics.


~ Michael Keane copyright 5/16/17 all rights reserved.


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In 1953, the American CIA, acting as whores for British Petroleum, kidnapped Mossadeq, a democratically-elected, leader of the Iranian People. Teddy Roosevelt's nephew, "Kermit", led the CIA-orchestrated kidnapping and coup, "Operation Ajax". The phony war in Iraq is an intentional lie to defund the Euro. The Euro, when Cowboy George and male bathroom attendant Tony Blair cooked-up the intentional Iraq LIE, was trading evenly with the intentionally-mislabeled, "Federal Reserve" currencys (bonds, bills and notes).


Iran, at the time of the Iraq LIE, was promising a "Bourse" for their oil. The "Bourse" was advertised as a direct confrontation to the criminal parasites in the intentionally-mislabeled, "Federal Reserve". Iran was advertising they would sell their oil to any country that used Euros instead of the intentionally-mislabeled, "Federal Reserve" currencys (bonds, bills and notes). Read the "Chilcot Report". It demonstrates the Iraq LIE as what is: an intentional deceit. The time is fast approaching the "Brexit" will be used to topple the already-hopelessly-rigged, "Stock Market" and the English Pound, now-depleted, will rise again to confound the truth and torment Humanity ad infinitum. Since Bretton Woods, in 1942, the ONLY thing the lying criminals in the intentionally-mislabeled, "Federal Reserve" have exported, is WHAT IS PERCEIVED TO BE: American Debt.


It isn't. Instead, it is counterfeit US Debt created by criminal imposters to the well-being of US Finances in the intentionally-mislabeled, "Federal Reserve" system. The banks and their COUNTERFEITING US CURRENCY AND SECURITIES, HAVE DESTROYED THEMSELVES, NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. WHEN THE TIME COMES, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST ICELAND THESE CRIMINAL FILTH INTO OBLIVION FOR NOW AND FOREVER MORE.




~ Michael Keane copyright 5/16/17 all rights reserved.


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